A Sliver of Sanity

An attempt to sort through challenging aspects of society, creativity, health, purpose, and anything else the universe might throw at us.

  • The most basic human emotion is also the most destructive.
    While it seems tempting to instinctively believe love is the most basic emotion, a substantial amount of evidence suggests otherwise. Ultimately, the purpose of living things is to live, and our brains and bodies are designed to keep us alive. Love is a way to overcome our fears, especially the fear of rejection, to be […]
  • Taking arrows is painful.
    When you repeatedly defend someone and purposely don’t tell them – to protect THEIR feelings – you will pay the price if you forget they don’t realize what you’ve done for them. When you absorb incoming projectiles for others, you risk that you will fall down and knock them over. They possibly won’t see what […]
    Two wounded doves, covered in mud, mostly slung by others, but sometimes, in a frenzy, they’d spatter some on each other; the CONVERGING STORMS were ESPECIALLY ROUGH that . . . ONE . . . time. In their delight, skillful, mean, old hawks, ever-focused on the younger, vulnerable doves, found a final, insidious wound to […]
  • You can’t be abandoned when you are alone.
    When I was in the ninth grade, my biology teacher sent me to see the school psychologist when I told her I wanted to live alone on an island. She was wise to do so, but the young psychologist asked some rather silly questions that upset me, and he never followed up for some reason. […]
  • I fail at trying to not try.
    Am I an optimistic pessimist or pessimistic optimist? Neither is especially good for clarity of thought, though I’d argue clarity does not represent reality. What of this concept of “trying”? Society tends to put great value on effort and results – the bottom line. What if the bottom line is simply “being.” We don’t try […]

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